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Week of 3/20-3/26/2-23

  photos of a hand performing sign language  Bri

   Title:  The Art of Sign Language:  Phrases

   Author:  Christopher Brown


I remember learning to sign the alphabet in kindergarten, and when my sister was a baby she learned baby sign language.  Since then I've always been fascinated by ASL, it's such a captivating visual language. There's actually a difference between American Sign Language (ASL) and Signed Exact English (SEE), and this book uses a Signed English format.  It has a ton of useful phrases organized into various categories like: school; home; leisure; nature; and people. I had a lot of fun going through the book and trying out different signs; hopefully with enough practice, I'll actually remember some!

 truncated small one line drawing of a woman's head   Jen

   Title:  I’ll Show Myself Out:  Essays on Midlife & Motherhood

   Author:  Jessi Klein


This collection of essays explores the impossible expectations, joys and frustrations of motherhood.  It is very relatable, easy to read and “read out loud” funny.  The tales are told with both humor and heart, and are touching and spot on.  It is quick read offering a humorous look at motherhood.  


   photos of many crocheted animals, plants, etc.Kaya

   Title: Whimsical Stitches: a Modern Makers Book of Amigurumi Crochet  Patterns

   Author:  Lauren Espy


If you enjoy crochet or have ever wanted to try it, please just look at the pages in this book.  It is so cute, I looked at every single picture just for fun and was inspired to try making some of the projects.  Don’t be overwhelmed if you’re new to crochet! I’m a beginner myself and found a fantastic overview of different stitches and information about starting crochet in the beginning of the book, along with clearly written and illustrated instructions.  There are a variety of projects, some easier than others, but each resulting in adorable creations that would make great gifts, toys, or home décor.

   illustration of a young woman in the countryside sketching  under a tree and a rabbit Marcia

   Title:  Saving the Countryside: The Story of Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit

   Author:  Linda Elovitz Marshall

   Illustrator:  Illaria Urbinati

   Biography Picture book

Most children and parents know the story of Peter Rabbit, but very few know about the life of his extraordinary creator, Beatrix Potter.  This picture book biography tells the story of a little girl who loved animals and had many pets.

It follows her life as she grows into a successful artist and children's author of stories based on her beloved menagerie found in wildlife around her.  She later became an advocate, conservationist, and entrepreneur who rescued farms, animals, and wildlife to preserve for all to enjoy today.

This is an inspiring tale to read to children who are fans of Peter Rabbit and his friends!

 small mouse dressed in a red shirt and yellow shorts paddling a birch bark canoe in a stream  Melissa

   Title:  Stuart Little

   Author:  E. B. White

   Illustrator:  Garth Williams

   Juvenile Fiction

Although this story was published nearly 80 years ago, it remains relevant today.  It’s definitely one of my all-time favorites, with both author and illustrator bringing back really good memories.

Stuart Little is an extraordinary mouse!   He’s unusual in that he was born to a family of humans, and full grown, he’s no bigger than two dimes edge-to-edge.  The family lives in New York City, and besides his mum and dad, he shares the house with his older brother George and Snowbell – a cat with ulterior motives.

Stuart is bound and determined to live life to the fullest regardless of his small stature and seeks adventure around every corner.  He’s been known to take a city bus to Central park to captain one of the toy sail boats and eventually embarks on a motor trip in his “invisible” car (and later a birch bark canoe) in search of his missing best friend, a bird named Margalo.   Feeling lost and unhappy without Margalo, Stuart is determined to find her and leaves home on this grand adventure enjoying (and nervous about) his very first time on his own.  Read about his mishaps and meetings - a lovely story about being yourself and the value of friendship, I hope you will also enjoy it.


Week of 3/13-3/18/2023

 Photograph of a drill cut in half showing the insides  Bri

   Title:  Cut In Half: The Hidden World Inside Everday Objects

   Author:  Mike Warren

   Photographer:  Jonothan Woodward


My book rec for this week is Cut In Half: The Hidden World Inside Everyday Objects by Mike Warren with photography by Jonothan Woodward.  This book is a fun one to flip through for anyone who's curious about the inside of everyday objects.  Each item is literally cut in half via an industrial waterjet.  The photography includes some really amazing shots of the intricate insides of all sorts of odd objects paired with a short blurb about the different parts pictured.  I'm a big "take things apart" person, but not so much a "put them back together" for me this book satisfies the curiosity of wanting to know how something is made without having to go through the process of putting it all back together. 

Illustration of 4 silhouetted girls and fairies against a tree and night sky   Christina

   Title:  In a Blink (Disney: The Never Girls series, Book 1)

   Author:  Kiki Thorpe

   Illustrator:  Jana Christy

   Juvenile Fiction

Kate, Lainey, Mia, and Gabby are four adventurous young girls who suddenly find themselves whisked away to Never Land one a fairy!  While trying to figure out how they got there, the girls encounter many other fairies with various talents.  Some of the fairies are wary of their unexpected guests, but are still thoughtful and welcoming - a few of them even provide flying lessons!  However, when Kate disappears without a trace, the girls discover that not all of the magical creatures can be trusted.  With the deadline to return home approaching rapidly, Lainey, Mia, and Gabby set out to find Kate with the help of their new fairy friends.  Despite their excitement at getting to visit the island, the girls can't help but wonder if they will find Kate in time and if they’ll ever be able to return to Never Land again?

This is a fantastic, imaginative story that teaches all of us to find our own talents and never lose sight of the magical things that surround us every day.

Illustrated small boy sitting on bathroom floor surrounded by unrolled toilet paper and other messy things   Jen

   Title:  Love you Forever

   Author:  Robert Munsch

   Illustrator:  Sheila McGraw

   Juvenile Picture book

This book is really heart-warming.  It is about a mother who sings a lullaby to her son at each stage of his life.  During his childhood she becomes frustrated with his rebellious nature, yet always sings to him after he falls asleep.  The mother and son grow older - the mother becoming ill due to old age - and one day she’s unable to sing the lullaby.  Picking up her song, her son sings the rest for her, and after her death, begins the same lullaby tradition with his newborn daughter.

young man in silhouette against a darkening sky   Kaya

   Title:  Gone Girl

   Author:  Gillian Flynn


When Amy Dunne goes missing on the day of her and Nick Dunne’s 5th wedding anniversary, a police investigation and media attention sends the case spiraling into a nation-wide sensation.  Nick’s story has strange inconsistencies and his behavior on television causes an uproar of public skepticism.  Gillian Flynn writes her story masterfully keeping the reader guessing as to whether Nick is guilty and whether the marriage is really what it seems.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a shorter read full of twists and balanced detail, giving you enough to keep you interested, but constantly surprised. Gillian Flynn’s writing style is phenomenal - she has a way of keeping you feeling perpetually disturbed and full of doubt.

Illustrated young squirrel holding an acorn in a forest   Marcia

   Title:  Evergreen (Caldecott Medalist)

   Author/Illustrator:  Matthew Cordell

   Juvenile Picture book

This story is a classically illustrated tale of a very timid, young squirrel named Evergreen who is afraid of just about everything, but loves her family and her mother's magical soup.  Evergreen is given a task by her mother to journey across the forest bringing soup to her unwell Granny.

Although she is terrified, her mother convinces her that she can do it!  As she travels, she meets many forest creatures. Young children will be surprised and delighted by those that help her.  This is a suspenseful and satisfying tale for those who need the encouragement found in the words: "You can do it, I believe in you."

Colorfully illustrated map of African continent with interesting features of each of the countries   Melissa

   Title:  Africa, Amazing Africa: Country by Country

   Author:  Atinuke

   Illustrator:  Mouni Feddag

   Juvenile Picture book

Celebrate the diversity of Africa’s fifty-five countries in this exuberant, glorious and richly illustrated picture book.  The author and artist have captured both traditional and current facts and features of each of the locations in colorful language and depictions.

I absolutely loved the section on West African countries with Cabo Verde’s island archipelago, Gambia’s nearly 600 bird species, Ghana’s vast marketplace, Guinea’s brilliant batik fabrics, and Senegal’s popular music amongst others.  From hairstyles to favorite foods to diamonds to royalty, this book has something fascinating for everyone and the maps & illustrations of the continent and the specific regions are engaging and lovingly detailed.

A visual delight sharing the creator’s excitement about Africa in general and the different countries in particular.


Week of 3/6-3/11/2023

Scary yellow-gold Bunny Head in multi-colored ball pit   Bri

   Title:  Five Nights at Freddy's (Fazbear Frights series)

   Author: Scott Cawthon


The Fazbear Frights series is an anthology of short horror mystery stories based on the 'Five Nights at Freddy's' game franchise. They're quick, fun reads and, although the series is based on a horror game, the stories themselves are not overly scary in my opinion.  I also like that this series does not have to be read in order, so you can pick up any number in the series and you won't be missing important plot points.  I find myself borrowing a copy during my downtime to read a story or two.  Fair warning, the majority of the characters in the story come from the game series, so you may have a hard time getting into this series if you haven't played it before!  

levels of a library with shelving, doors, a bright lightbulb, and a compass   Christina

   Title: The Cartographers

   Author:  Peng Shepherd


After esteemed cartographer Daniel Young is found dead in his office, his daughter, Nell, is thrown into a mystery involving a 1930 map of Upstate New York: the one that also ended her budding career at the New York Public Library seven years earlier.

Nell leaves no stone unturned as she works to find answers and, along the way, she encounters people that were once her father's close friends.  They reveal secrets to her about a discovery that eventually tore apart their friendship - a discovery they were led to by the same map that Nell believes her father gave his life to keep hidden.  

This is an incredibly well-written novel that kept me intrigued and turning the pages faster than I expected to.  I would never have imagined that I'd be so drawn into a book with an old map at the center of the plot, but I was pleasantly surprised by the additional elements of the story, and I'm sure other readers will be too!

 Lit houses on a dark street at night from above  Jen

   Title: Little Fires Everywhere

   Author:  Celeste Ng


An enigmatic artist and single mother, Mia, moves into an idyllic neighborhood with her teenage daughter Pearl - renting a house from the Richardson family.  Soon mother and daughter become recognized as more friends, than tenants with the Richardsons.  When an old family friend of the Richardson's attempts to adopt a Chinese-American baby, a custody battle erupts that divides the town - putting Mia and one of the members of the Richardson family, Elena, on opposing sides.  Mia's mysterious past and her disregard for rules cause Elena to be suspicious of Mia and her motives; however, Elena's determination and obsession with the secrets in Mia's past come with unexpected and devastating costs.

  Young red-haired woman in a cloak with a dagger and a Fae-looking young man against a dark background  Kaya

   Title: These Twisted Bonds (These Hollow Vows, Book #2)

   Author:  Lexi Ryan

   Fantasy Romance

Caught between the fae courts and their princes, Brie finds herself at the center of a prophecy that could change everything for the Court of Darkness. Torn between the love and betrayal she feels for the males, as well as her role in their kingdoms, Brie must navigate what it means to live among the Fae – not only as one of them, but as someone whose fate is intertwined with the crown.

If you enjoy the politics and scheming of warring kingdoms, look no further for your next read!  This book has quests, magical powers, brooding and complex characters, and romance.

Illustration of a contemporary AA woman on a broom against a starry, moonlight sky over a house on a hill and a man.   Marcia

   Title: The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches

   Author: Sangu Mandanna


This story revolves around Mika Moon, one of the very few witches left in modern England.  She belongs to a coven that encourages their members to hide and not have close relationships. She decides to change her life and in a quirky, magical way she looks for connections, family, and unconditional love.  When she finds her family, she encounters all sorts of obstacles and has to fight and get help to save her new life.

This was a warm, feel good read. You'll fall in love with the entire found family!

Dr Seuss illustrated fantastic landscape with odd characterMelissa

Title:  Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Author:  Dr. Seuss

Juvenile Picture book

A Seuss book for all ages - especially for anyone reaching a milestone or making the momentous decision to find a new path in life.  As Seuss advises:

“So be sure when you step.  Step with care and great tact and remember that Life's a Great Balancing're off to Great Places.  Today is your day!  Your mountain is waiting.  So...get on your way!”


Too much fun and just full of simple wisdom in RHYME!"